Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Initial thoughts on making Twitter drive a remote talking head

This is a "design" and I use that term loosely, that is an attempt to make a real head speak out tweets, from anywhere in the world - a sort of remote Twitter-to-speech-convertor!
Twitter to speaking head convertor

To make this work there are a number of challenges, which include:
  • Connecting the head to the web, ideally remotely using wireless
  • Once connected getting the last tweet from a specific Twitter account (the control account)
  • Converting the tweet into speech
  • Making the speech signal animate a mouth to simulate talking
This is visualised above!

The step for getting the last tweet from a twitter account
Step one of this I appear to have solved in Processing (which is Java-based), which should mean it works in arduino.  

Here's a snap shot of the function and the output that it can produce.
It's calling the Twitter API, then parsing it and splitting it to create an array, then calling one element of that array, which is the last Tweet from

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