Sunday, 24 June 2012

Twitr Janus is created

Twitr Janus icon

It lives!

I must stop watching films like Promethius...

Twitr Janus is a 2-way communication puppet with remote animatronic control built on common technologies (well, it will be eventually!)
When finished it will be a physical avatar that can be controlled remotely to interact with people over the Internet. 

Basic objectives for this project are:
  • to make a talking puppet head that can be manipulated remotely
  • to build a completed working puppet
  • as far as possible to build all this in open source software such as Arduino, Processing with communication using open data such as  APIs from common services such as Twitter and Google Docs 
This could take a while!
So far:
  • it is just an Arduino puppet brain but no physical form yet
  • it has a Twitter feed through which it can think and communicate @twitr_janus
  • It has a puppetmaster brain running  Processing on a master computer that can control it across a serial port connection 

A quick video showing the initial brain functions....

Twitr Janus tweet retrieving script in Processing

Processing script that is returning tweets using the Twitter API and passing them to the arduino which has a Firmata sketch loaded on it as firmware.

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