Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Puppet Making on Flickr

Tailor Handpuppets (progress)Mech Details For Ningyo-joruri Puppet HeadPuppet suitcase propPuppet suitcase propPuppet suitcase prop and mouldre  & regina  3
Unfinished gutted Humanoid PuppetUnfinished Humanoid PuppetOriginal wolf ArmatureDevil in progressUnfinished Viking PopeUnfinished Goblin Hand
Rig for ClaraCLara ProductionClara stageRig for ClaraCLara ProductionPuppet sausages
Design for TomTom the PenguphantMr Punch animated speech audio sync testMr Punch puppet in front of cameraMr Punch puppet testSam in progress

Puppet Making, a group on Flickr.

This is the puppet making group I administer on Flickr. It's got some great armatures in it!