Saturday, 2 June 2012



Small, daft, jolly, stinky, grunty, lovely, friendly, dog.
Now available as an infinite loop self-hypnosis aide.

STARE DEEP INTO THIS GIF and feel the pug vibe evaporate your stresses.

TIP - look at the dog, but concentrate on the leaves.

Animated GIF, made to upload to a public submissions space on the website for The Photographer's Gallery's Born in 1987: The Animated GIF exhibition.

How this was made

This was created by importing an iPhone video of the pug into Flash, then drawing a large rectangular shape on a layer over it. The rectangle was created as a symbol in Flash, with it's alpha (transparency) value set to about 17% so you could still see the video underneath it. The colour of the rectangle was varied along the animation time using motion tweening to give the varying colorisation effect.

The 'Export as Movie' process in flash was used with the animated GIF setting.

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