Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas crackers...

Christmas crackers...
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Why, Christmas crackers can be good! Look what the trinket gift was in my cracker this year. By chance, exactly the pair of 1000V safe, high tensile alloy long-nose pliers I need to bend and sculpt wire etc. into shapes. Thanks Santa!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Making pantomime costume head - completed vulture head

The finished vulture head

Pantomime costume making - vulture costume head

Shown below is the original mask with the papier mache casing removed. The cling film barrier layer can be seen. This stops the PVA sticking to the underlying model.

The two halves are removed by cutting in half symetrically - lengthwise along the centre of the head, from front to back.These were later stuck back together with reinforced packing tape along the join, which had a strip layer applied over it to hide the join.

After painting and detailing with marker pen the finished head was varnished with 3 layers of flooring varnish.

Pantomime costume making - vulture head

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Head for a pantomime goose costume - part 2

Pantomime goose costume beak

Beak, shown against the rough sketch design. 

Goose sketchesGoose sketches to help fix the design in the brain.

Pantomime goose costume head
Pantomime goose costume head

Constructing the framework for the skull of the head using withies (green willow sticks)

Building up the outer shape of the head by applying cardboard contouring

Pantomime goose costume head

Cardboard head contours almost finished
Applying papier mache to pantomime goose head

Papier mache applied over cardboard contouring.

Pantomime goose costume head

Complete head fully covered in papier mache outer layer.