Thursday, 12 March 2015

Cloudenstein - an animated face controlled with javascript

Cloudenstein is an attempt to move Twitter controlled avatar Tweetenstein froma  desktop application using Python to a cloud-hosted web application (also usimg Python, but importantly being accessible over the web, not just on a local machine running the Python script..

It is available here: 

On the left is a screenshot of the face with all the parts on screen.

Most of it is pulled together as intended using CSS, except obviously, the mouths...

NB - this prototype is a button-controlled face that is testing facial expressions controlled by data. It is a test dummy for a FACE API

Although there is no animation showing here, the mouths are intended to be used to creat lip sync to match text to speech, so that Twitter data can manipulate Cloudenstein to talk.

They are traced from pictures of mouths showing the limited number of mouth shapes in use when speaking.