Sunday, 22 July 2012

Twitr_janus talks through temporary animatronic jaw

Twitr_janus speaks and moves Finally, I have got the full loop through from sending a tweet to automatically make. Remote puppet talk and move its mouth in time as it speaks.

Twitter to speech converter kit list

  • Twitter app (here on iPad) to Internet
  • Internet to PC running Processing sketch periodically scans for twets and strips message
  • Processing converts to spoken output using tts.h text-to-speech library
  • Speech played through audio amplifier
  • Amplifier secondary speaker output connected to Arduino analog input
  • Voltage detection in Arduino triggers output pulses on peaks
  • Peaks switch power on and off, from model railway transformer connected to car door actuator motor
  • Actuator moves jaw in time to speech peaks

Twitr_janus audio out Twitr_janus amplifier audio connections
Twitr_janus model railway power unit and Arduino Twitr_janus relay circuit Twitr_janus Processing sketch Car door lock actuator driving cardboard mouth

Watch the complete loop from tweet to talking cardboard...


  1. wow a creative genius. Amazing you haven't been discovered

    1. Hi - You are very kind.
      I love to build stuff, but it's all done by borrowing and adapting other people's equally interesting stuff. Feel free to take any ideas and make new stuff :)