Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hacking VHS players for spare electronics parts

VHS video - electonics parts recycling This is the inside of a dead VHS video recorder/player. It turns out it is still full of lots of old-school eletronics. Sure, there are lots of PCBs, but due to the mecahnical nature of video players with their big motors and stuff, there are a lot of useful connectors in there, as well as some high power resistors, transistors, loads of potentiometers and so on. A good way to pick up cheap parts.
Here is a handy 10 pin connector with the wiring all nicely connected. Try soldering anything remotely as neat as this, and you will see how useful a ready made is!
Remote control connector for Automata head
Here it is connected up to the breadboard jump leads coming off the arduino
Remote control connector for Automata head
And here it is fed into the underside of the head, from the board
Automata head connected

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