Monday, 21 November 2016

Your starters for 50....

Here's some recipes from a special Veggie Dining put on as part of the 25th anniversary of the Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading on 20 November 2016.

I was up for making the starters. Here they. The recipes are below...

Making 5 starters each for 50 people when each one is between 2-4 pieces with a few optional extras like dates, pineapple and olives end up with 800+ discrete portions. The most fiddly were the cheese/pineapple sticks, stuffed chillis and almond-stuffed prunes
Bring it on!

Fuck, Yeah! Mushroom pâté

Chop mushrooms and fry in rapeseed oil with a small amount of diced onions and some crushed garlic
Blend with liquidised black-eye beansMix in finely chopped sage, black pepper and celery saltBlend all together and leave overnight to allow the flavours to disperse

Creamy  mouthfuls

Cream cheese with finely grated strong cheddar cheese, whipped up with very finely chopped chives.

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Served with...

Wholemeal wheat triangles
Take whole meal wraps and cut into equalateral triangles, then roast with olive oil, salt pepper and black pepper. Dusted with powder-ground salt.

Puff pastry cuboids with sesame seeds
Shop-bought puff pastry rolled really thin and chopped into rectangles.
About half were rolled out on flour and the other rolled half out on sesame seeds.
Dusted with powder-ground salt.

Potato crispy circles
Unpeeled maris piper potatoes, sliced into 2mm rounds and roasted in rapeseed oil.
Dusted with mix of garlic powder, powder-ground celery salt, pepper and smoked paprika

Red Rag Plalmonds

Prunes stuffed with unskinned almonds
Roasted in the oven at about gas mark 5 for about 30-40 minutes Red pepper sliced into 8mm strips. Microwaved in covered Pyrex with rapeseed oil

Cherry bombs

Sweet, warming piemento cherry peppers stuffed with specially created hot Risingstun Pickle

Random 1970s cheesiness

Tinned pineapple (fresh also works), skewered on a cocktail stick, then anchored on a diced lump of mature cheddar.

This was just one of three lush courses and the whole thing involved all these peeps...

good god yeah...

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