Sunday, 27 November 2016

Floodlight revamp - from 300w incandescent to 12w LED

Here's an old halogen work-site floodlight that I have just pimped to replace the old incandescent tube with three GU10-fitting lampholders, each with a 4w LED bulb.

Might not seem much, but this is a pretty impressive floodlight that now uses 4% of the energy that it used to.

To be fair, it is slightly less bright. These bulbs are supposedly the equivalent brightness of 50w incandescent bulbs so that means 150w, instead of 300w, or half as bright.

Even allowing for this, that means we are using 8% of the energy for the same illumination - sweet!

So, here's my garden just after dusk...

...and with the new flood, pretty well lit for a 12W outlay... 

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