Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Testing sunlight effects on paper prototype buildings with a torch

I have been making models of the summerhouse I am building. So far these prototypes have been to get a feel of how the building will look.

But models are also a good way to test how light will work in the building.
Here, the sun arcing across the sky is represented by a torch.

Paper prototypes like this are good, because they are quick to make and can be hacked about without getting precious. This particular one gets a bit sliced off, as you will see...

So here is a shot of how the latest design would look in late evening (sun lowish from the west)

Mid-morning summer sun (sun highish from the east)

Morning in winter (sun lowish from the east)

Here is a sample sweep of the sun from east to west across the front of the summerhouse.

This has made me rethink this. It seems like the extra protection provided by the front gable may not be so good for light. This is a summerhouse after all, not a shed. The feedback was "too dark".

So, I pulled off the gable and tried a straight angled roof with skylights. This showed obvious light pools inside the building, which would make sure it wasn't dingy.

Another angle

I'm so glad I tried this. It has changed the direction of the design.

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