Monday, 1 September 2014

Shed roof extension - part 4 - boarding and felting

Here is the new roof, just felted and looking dead good. The nearground area is the new raised annex. The raised apex at the far end of the shot is the top of the existing roof apex.
This is what it looked like before the felt was added. You can see the felt of the existing roof complete with moss (later removed)

Here is the felt being laid...
And from another view
Before the felt coul dbe applied, the rafters had been boarded...
Obviously, this involved a lot of clambering up ladders to fix the apex rail to the old shed and so on...

To do this required adding the new boards using the old roof below as the scaffolding.
Here you can see the truss beams added to give support to the boards. Being OCB borads, they are strong, but not strong enough to stand on a wide unsupported span of board. A range of fixing methods were used. Here you can see an L bracket, but some were screwed onto the rafters directly
Here's it more or less done, ready for felting...
Some of the fine craftmanship used to support the boards...

Once the boarding was robust enough, the felting was fairly easy. This is started from the bottom of the roof so that the next layer overlap joint was over the top to allow water to run off, not under a layer

The same layer from the other angle, showing it continuing up over the old roof in one piece.


  1. Looking real nice, so far! Those are indeed all going well. Keep it up and continue to make your house a solid home. I'll be looking forward to the end results. Keep us updated! All the best!

    Gretchen Holloway @ America's Choice Roofers

  2. The roof looks pretty neat! You guys did a great job with it. I’ve managed to take a look on your creative works, and I think you guys are really good – no wonder you were able to make that nice shed. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post with us. All the best!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof