Saturday, 13 September 2014

Shed roof extension - part 5 - cutting off the old roof

Once the lovely new felt roof was in place, the old could be removed. Some care was needed as the two halves of the old roof were needed to be kept intact. They were what would make up the missing walls between the top of the existing shed and the new roof.

The old roof was lapped planks, with at least 4 layers of felt - pretty waterproof, but also very heavy. Here it has been cut off along the edges and is being slid off as a large panel. It weighs about the same as a person, probably about 80 kilos at least. Some careful sliding and leveraging was required..

Here is the shed looking up at the new roof through the hole in the old one.

Big panels are a bit of a health hazard. This one especially, as the clout nails that hold the felt on stick out through the wood. If it slides over you, it grates your skin mercilessly.

The same panel from the side

Here is the shed with the wall gap needing to be filled between the top of the old walls and the new roof.

Lifting a heavy panel 6 foot above the ground and fitting it single handed isn't gonna happen without some cunning mechanics... Here the panel has been walked up to positon then secure in the corner to create a lever point.

This was simply nylon twine...

This then makes it a lot easier to lift with the added leverage the string fulcrum gives.

Eventually, after lots of lifting and securing, edging corner by corner, the old roof panel became a new side panel...


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