Saturday, 31 May 2014

Quick hack of phone case to add bigger battery

Here's a few pics of an enjoyable hack up of a case for a bigger battery I bought for my phone. This one has twice the capacity of the standard battery, but is thicker. What a great excuse to hack together a case for it.

This beauty is half cheapy bought case and half sliced up old ice-cream container...

Here's the battery getting measured out. This was to get a hole cut to allow the extra thickness to protrude

mmm... diamond encrusted cutting wheels... I love my Dremel.

35,000 rpm - cutting out the panel in the shop bought case

Next - cutting out a slightly bigger piece of plastic from a black ice cream container

The edges of this were shaped by gentle heating to soften the plastic then forming over a hard edge held in a vice. To heat, a standard cigarette lighter was used

Once completed, this was glued on with the trusty glue gun...

et voila!

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