Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The A to Zombie list of words from the Hive Mind of MuseumNext

Psychic Hive Mind Fortune Teller

The Internet of (frankly a bit weird) things....

The good thing about a data-driven automaton is that it creates data by-products.  This tag cloud is built from the auto-saved word log created by the Psychic Hive Mind Fortune Teller. It is formed from around 4,000-5,000 distinct terms that it was reading from the Twitter conversation happening live during MuseumNext 2013 Amsterdam. The log here was built up by real-time monitoring over the first day of the conference (Monday 13 May 2013)

This log is what it used to construct fortune-readings. Actually, this is the cumulative dataset, that built up over the whole day. On the day, at any one time during the conference, the Fortune Teller has the words from the last 100 tweets in its brain.
This is probably about 600-700 words, not including any hashtags, usernames or urls. These were stripped out. Some stop words have also been removed too, like 'the' and so on.

Specimen tag cloud for MuseumNext13 May 2013

The Fortune Teller is a physical object powered by a Twitter application running as a Processing sketch. It was monitoring the content of tweets from the collective discussion using the Twitter search: twitter.com/search?q=museumnext

Credit: This tag cloud was generated using the rather nice (and still slightly beta) TagCrowd at http://tagcrowd.com/

'a 'affection 'any 'astonishing 'black 'cause 'community 'cultural 'digital 'doing 'enormous 'fortunally 'french 'getting 'having 'hire 'html5 'institutional 'it 'knowledge 'minimal 'museum2020 'museums 'no 'outsiders 'people 'perfection 'providing 's 'take 'technology 'the 'to 'understand 'unmuseums 've 'we 'what 'you -move 10000km 12h 18th 1st 20th 24-jul 24h 30pm 3d 3d-hacking 3d-print 4mobile 5e 5th 7d 7pm 87rts a'dam a-t-il a4 aanwezig abandon abbreviated abiding abierta ability able absolument absolutely abstract abt ac accelerate accent accept accesibilidad access accompagner accompanied according accordionist accounts achieve acquainted acquire acteurs action activists activit activity acts actual ad adapt adaptadas addictive address adequate adesso administrations admirably adn adults advance advice advocacy advocates aesthetics afar affects afford afraid aftermath afternoon afterwards age agenda aggiornati agile ago agree ah ahead ai ailleurs aim air airport al alan alarm alert alessandro algunas algunos alla alle allemaal alliance alliterated allows allready allways almost alone along alongside alpha already alternative amata amazing amazingly amb americans ami amongst amount amplificateurs amplifier amsterdam amsterdamissa ana analogue analogy analysis analytics anche andiamo andrew andrewlvanda anglais anna annie anno annoys answer antecknande antes anti-museum anti-wikipedia anwers anybody anymore anyone anywhere aoife api aplicada apologise apostar apothecary app apparently appels applause apple applicable applied appr appreciate apprennent approach appropriate approves approximations aprender aprendido aprendre aproach apuntes aqu aquest aquesta aqui archaeologist archiefmedewerkers archive archivo areas argument arranc arrived art artefacts arthur articles artificial artist artwork asap ashamed asks aspect aspectos aspettiamo assembling assente assertion assiociate association assumption astonishingly atentos atmosphere atract att attacks attempt attend attention attract attractor au audience audience-based audiencias audio augmented auj aujourd'hui aurais-tu aussi austerity australia autant authority autonomic autoritarian autoritative autre aux av available avancerat avant avec aver average avoid avui aware away awesome ayer backchannel background bad badge bag baisse balance baltimore banksy barcelona barely barricades barrier barton base basics battery battle bears beat beautiful beautifully became becoming beers bees begin beginners begonnen behaviors behind belfast bella belong ben bender benefit bent ber berckenkamp berlage besoin besparingen best bet beta better beurs beween bewonderen beyond bien bigger biggest bij bilan biography biological bit bjr black black-sky-thinking blame blew blico blijven bln block blog blossom blow blue board boeiend boek bold bon bonus book books-good bore born botanical bots bottom-up bound boundaries boven bowler box brad brain brain-good brainstorming brainwaves brand bratt brave break brick bridget bridging brilliant brilliantly bring britain broad broadcast browsing budget buenas bugdet build built buon bureau bus bust busy butler buy c'e c'est c-h cafeteria cake califafano califano califarno called calma cambia cambiado cambio camera camera-good canada candy canismes canxa capacity capturer card care carregada carte cartel cas case cash cashback caso catalogued catalonia catalonian catalunya catalyse catalyst catalytic catch categorised catolonia cats caus caused cc cc-0 celebr celebra center centralized century cer certain ces chairs challenges chan chance change channel chaos chaotic chap charge chart chat che cheap cheb check cheers cherry chi choice choose chosen chrome ci cijfers cita citizen claire class classroom clave cleans clear clearly cliche click climate clip clip- clippers closer closing clothing clued cms co-build co-construire co-creation co-curating co-owner co-workers code coders coffee colaboraci colaborar colecciones collab collaboration collating colleagues collections collectors collegeas colln collx color colour com combines comen comentando comenzar comes comfortable comfy comienza comm commas commence comment commercial commission commons communaut communicant community como company companyes compared compartida compartiendo compelling competition compl completed complex complicity comportement compte comptez computer comunicar con conan concentre concept conclusione conclusions concrets conditions conectarlo conexi conf conference conferencia conferencing conferentie conferenza conferenze confidently conflicted congr congreso connaissais connect connessione conoce conscious conseils consider consigliato consists constantly constructivist construye consume contacts contain contemporary content contenu contenuti contest contex contexts contextual contextualising contingency continuous contr contractor contrasting contributed control convegno convenience converge conversacion conversation convient convincere conxa cool coolest cooper cooper-hewit cooper-hewitt cop cope copper-hewitt copy copyright core corn correction cosas cost-effective costs could've count country couple course cows coxa cozy cr crackers cracking create creatifs creation creative creepy crete creuser crisis critical crossed crowd crowdsourcing crumbling cticas cualquier cube cuenta cult cultura cultural culturelle curador curation curatorial curiosissimi curious current cusripituck cute cutting d'amsterdam d'annonce d'art d'autres d'enthousiasme d'experimentation d'idees d'incloure d'innovation d'interpeller d'un da dad dag dagen dagje dagogue daily damn dancing danemark danielle danish dans dark darling darn data database dataset dave davies days de dead deal dear debates debe deben deber decade deceptive decide decipher declare deep deepen defending define definition dei del delegate delight deling deliver delivery della deluge dem demain demands democratic demonstrated denmark department dept derechos desarrollo descubrir deseosos design desing desires desk det deux dev developing device devons di dia diagnostics diagram dialogue dice dichotomy dictate die diferencias diff different difficult dificil digging digicultural digital digitale digitalmuseum digitised diplomatic dire direct director diria dirty disabilities disagree disappointed disasters disclaimer disco discours discover discuss discussiob disintegrating diska display dispo disponible disruptif disruptive disseminati dissemination distance distracted distrib distribution disturb dit dition ditt diversity divide dl dna doc document doers doesnt dog domani done door dopo double doubt doute dovrete downloading doyle dramatic drawing drawn dream driver drives du dudas due dungarees durf duty dwell dynamics eager earlier early earth earthquakes easier easy eat eaten eccles eccoci echo echt eco eco-social economic ecosystems ed edinburgh edit-a-thon een eerste effect effets efficient eg egalement egyptian eithne el electronic electronique element elizabeth eller else embed embrace emergency empezado empezar emphasized employees empowered en enables encore encounter encourage encyclopediac endangering endless endorse ends enemy energy engagez engaging engine english enhance enig enjoys enlace enlightening enormously enough enrich enrichir ensure entamer entangled entering entertaining enthousiasm enthusiastic entonces entrance entre entrepreneurial environment environmental environnement epilepsy er era erin erinma error es esa escalable escapar-nos escuchando escuchar eso espacio essays essential essere essex est est-ce estamos estar estara estaremos esto estoy estrat estrategia estudio et etant etc ethics ethos etiquetado etiquetas eu europe europea european europeana europeo europeu evaluation evangelist evening event eventually everyone everything everytime everywhere evident evolution evoque ex exactly example exampleclearly excellent excessive exchange exciting exclamation exhib exhibition exist exited exito exp expansion expect expensive experiment experimentation experimentos expertise explained explanatory explica explicades explore expo exposed exposiciones expositions extend extent external extra extraordinary extreme exude eyeballs fa fab fabric fabulous facebook faces facilitating fact factor fail failure faire falloir familiar fan fancy fantastic faq far fascinated fast faster fav favoriet favorites favourite fb fear feed feel fellow felt female fendre fetch fever fibonacci field fifth figure fill film filter fin finally financial financieelerfgoed finds fine finger finished fire fisica fissare fit flash flashback flat flawed flesh flexible flickr flights floor flow flower flowery fluid flux foco focus folk folklore folkson follow fonds font food footage force forests forget forgot forgotten formal formas forms forward forwward foster found foundation founder foyer fr fran francais france frederickson fredickson fredrickson free freely french frenchies frequent freud friction friedrickson friendliest friendly friends fringe frm frog front frontends frozen full fully fun funcionan function fund fundamental funny future futuro fwd fyra ga gaan galleries gamechangers gamification ganas gander ganesha garden garder gathering gave gdoc geek geeky geleden gelukkig gemensam generated genial genius geographical geolocation germany gesti getting gg ggl gia gica gicamente gie gift giorni girl giro github give given glad glass global glos goal god godalming goede gogh going golden gollum goodness google google-bash goole goooo gorgeous gotta govt grabbed gradually gran grande granular graph grass grazie green grew groundbreaking grow grown growth grundtanken guess guns gusta guys ha haarlam habla hablamos hablo hacer hackathon hacker hacking hague haha haiku half hall hamtar han handig handing hangen hangouts hanno happening happier happily happy happyness hard harder hardly hardwired harlem hash hashtag hashtagia hasta hastag hat hauria haver hay head healing heard hearing heart hebben hej hela held hell hello helps hender heritage hertiage hester het hewitt hey hhhg hi hidden hide hierarchy higher highlight highly him- hippo hire historical history ho hod holding hole holiday holland hook hooray hop hope hopkins horas horizon host hours house household hoy ht html5 hub huge huitema humanities humor hunted huomenna hurrah hypnotic hypnotise ibm ici icipedia icom icons id ideaal ideal ideas idee identifiers identity ie ik il illustrations images imaginais imagine imho imitada imma immaterial immediately immersive imo imp impact imperfect implement important importante importantly impossible impressed improve in-gallery in-museum in-person inappropriate inaugural incentive inclined incloses include income incontro incorporate increased incredible incremental indeed index india industry infinito infinity influence info informaci informe inhouse iniciativas initiative inizia iniziamo ink innovaci innovators inputs ins insieme insight insiste insomma inspirada inspirar-nos inspirasjon inspiratie inspiratiedag inspiring instead instituci instituciones instituion institutional int intangibles integraci integrar integration intellect intelligence intensive intent intentarem interactions interconectado interconexi interesantes interessant interessante interessanti interesting interfaces interlinking internacional internal internet internetconnection interpretatative interpretation intersections intersting intervenants intervention interview intimidated introducing introduction invest investigation investiguer invoked involved ion ipad iphone ir irish irl irreversible isoc issue istes italian italy iterate itunes iwm j'esp ja jacob jag jake jamais james jazzy je jealous jeans jeudi jim joachim job johnwmleek join joking jolly joseba journ journals journey jours joy joyeux ju judging juggle jullie jump kaart kain kathryn kathy keen keep kent kept kermit key keyline keynote keyword kick kid kiinnostuneille killer kills kinda kindky kindles kindly king kingdoms klaxon klinkt knew knowledge knows koffie kolla konferensen korea kostar kr kring kunst kunsten kysy l'anno l'avenir l'enjeu l'ensemble l'estrat l'estrategia l'hashtag l'identification l'importance l'importante l'italia l'offre l'ouvrir la lab label laboratorio laboratory lack lady lain lamps lanc lancement landed lane language lanzarse laptop larger largo lasciare lastest laten later lates latest launch lavora lavorare layouts le leaders leadership leads lean learning learnt leaving lecture led lederhosen lees legacy length leren lessons lets letter leur level lewis lezen lgbt liada liberating libero library libre libro licence lie life lifecycle ligne lijstje liking limitations limitez line linguistic linkeddata links linzer lisa lisant list listening lit lite live lizard lj lkerkundemuseum loads local location lod logo loin lol london longer look-alikes looks loose loro los lost lots love lowdown lower lt ltimo luck lugar luis lukken lunch lungo lurking ma macdonald machine mackenzie magazine magic mail main mainly mainstream maintain maintenance mais maj majority maken maker making maleta man management manana manchester maniacs manifestement manifesto manipulate mano manquer mantain mantener mantra maochu map mapa mar marcelo marjelle mark mark-it marketing marliese marta marvi marvit mass massive master masterclass masterpiece matches material mathilde matin matique matrix matter matthijs maurice max maybe mayo mayor mckenzie mcluhan meal meaningful means meant meddela media mediametic mediate medium meer meets mega megatrends meilleur mejor melb member memories mendes meneillaan mentalidad mentioned mentor mentre mer meraviglioso merece merging merritt merveilleux mes mesch-project mess message messy mesure met metadata metadatarelease metaphor meteorology methodology metics metrics mexico mico micro middle mill million min mind mind-likes mindset mine miniaturization minimal minimum miniturisation minority minutes mio mirat mischievous mismo misplaced miss mission mistakes mita mix mmm mnac mngmt mo mob mobile mode model moderate modern modestes modified modo mogens moin moma momento moments mona monde money moneyball monkey monoliticas monologue month monthly mood moosterbroek morgen morning moscow mosi mostly mostrar movement moving msterdam mt muchas mucho muddle mull multi multi-sensations multidisciplinairy multilingual multiple multitasker multitouch mum mundo murphy mus muse musea musei museifronten museogeek museoiden museologists museolta museomaailmassa museos museu museum museum2020 museumcamp museumland museumnext museumnext2013 museumvisit museumvisitors music musuem muy muziek mycket myspace myth n'est n'hesitez naar nacional nada nail name namens nanotechnology narionaamuset nat national natural nav navigating ncia ncies nder ndose ne neapolitan nearest nec necesidad necessarily necessary needing nei nerd nervous net network neural neuroscience new-to-me newcastle news newsfeed nexttime ni nice nicher nielsen nieuwe night ninja njut nl nobody nodale nog noi noise nombreuses non noob norm north norway nos nostra nostre note-taking notes nothing noticing notion notre nous nouveaux nouvelles novel novelty nr ns nu nudge nuestras nuevas nuggets num numbers nunca nuove nutshell ny nyc o'ver obiettivi obiettivo objects objetivo objetos obligation obligatory observer obtain obtenida obvious obviously occurence och ochu oeil offer officially offline og oggetti oggi oh oi oikonomics oil ojo ok om omelette on3 onderweg one-stop ones online onsite ont ontario onto onze ook oonagh oonaugh op opem open opendata openly operations opp opportunit opportunity opposes orchestra ordenar org organisation organization original os others otherwise otros ottawa otto ou ouch outcomes outdated outdoor outil outlines outnumber outreach outs outside outsourcing outwards ouvert overall overarching overcoming overigens overlap overwhelming overworked ovvio owens owning packed packman pages paintings paljon panels paper para parallel parents paris parking partager partenza participa participants participatory participem partners partnership parts party pas pass passionnantes password past paternalistic path patoo patrimoine patten patterns paying pc pdf peabody peace peak peeking peer pen pensar penser people pequenos per perdonare perfection performing perhaps permanence permanente persistent personalised persone personne perspective petersburg petit peu peux philosofical philosophiques phisical phone photo photography phps phrase physical pi picked picky pico pics pictures ping pininterest pire piscina pitchline pitt places planificar planning planskisser plants plastic plate plateau plateforme platform plazo plea please pleasure pls pluj plus pocket podeu podiem points poked pol polar polished politics pollinators pon ponencia poor popular por portal portrait portray portugal posed position positiviste poss possibili possible post post-disaster potential potete pouf pour pourquoi pourraient poursuit pov pow power powerhouse ppl ppt pr practicas practice practise pratar pratica pratiques pre-digital pre-requisite precious predict prefer preparar prepared prerequisite presence presenta presentacio presentaciones presentation presentem presenten preserve presque press pressure pretty previously preziosissima primary principles print printers priorities prioritize prison private privilege pro-wikipedia probable problem problemi process prochains procrastinate producing product producto proejects profession professional proffs profilent prog programa programme progress proj project projektet projets proliferation promesso promiscous promiscua promiscuous promote proper propos propose proprietary pros prossimo protocols prototipo prototype protyping proved providing provision provocative proximit proyecto ps psychic psycological pt pub public publicaremos publicly published pueden puis pull punto puo purify purpose push pushy putting qu'il qu'on qualcosa qualit quality quantify quantity que quest quest'ora questa questi question question- queue qui quick quiet quite quizes quota quote racker raconter radical rain rainbow rainy raise random rangsit rapid rapporteres rare rat rather rationalize rdv re-design re-opening re-use reach readable reading ready real realise realistic reality realitycheck really reason reassuring rebrand rebuild recap receipt recent reception recipe recognise recognize recommend record recreate recruiter recurrent recurring red reduce reduction reference refining reflect reflexions refresh regarding registering registration reinvent reinvigorating related relationships relative release relevant reluctant remember remind remise remix remotely remove renamed rence rend rendre repair repeat replica reported representation republic required res research residence resistance resources responsibility ressant ressources rest restoration restraining restraint resultados results resume retain rethink reto retour retrouve retuit return retweets reuse revision revisits revolution rewarding--in rfid rhythm rice richardson ricomincia riempirsi rien riences rijksmuseum rileggere rimangono rimescoliamo rio ripensiamo riprovo rique rirkrit rise risk ritual rm rna road rob robot robust rock rod roda role room rosko ross rough round roving royal rt rubinstein rules rulez running russian ruta rythm s'impliquent sab sabi sad sahre saisir sala sally samarbeta samen samples sanctuaries sand sans sapere sarah satisfaction satisfying saura sausage save saying scalable scale scandal scannable scanning scared scary scenario scenes schools schytz science scienza scope scopriamo scoprire scottish scrappier scraps screen sculpture se seadragon search seasonal seb secs section sector sector-approach seeking seems sees segment seguendo segui seguiamo seguir seguite seguitela seguiu-lo seguo select self sells semantic semanticweb semantique sembra semplicemente send sense sensorial seo separate sept ser serendipity seriously serve service sessies session setmana settimana setting seuraa several sfida shake shaping shareable shared sharna shelf shift shiny shocked shocket shoe shoestring shop short shortage shorter shoulders shout shows si siam sica side-by-side siempre sight signs siguiendo siita silent silly similar simple simply sin sing sino site sito six size sketch skills skulle sky sleutel slidedeck slides slideshare slightly smaller smart smarter smartest smartphone-good smithsonian smk smth snack snapshot sobering sobre social society sofa sofar solely solid solomo solutionists solutions solving som someday someone something sometimes somewhat somewhere sommes son songs sono sont soon soooo soporte sorry sort sounds source south space spain spanish spanking sparar sparren speakers speaking speciaal special spectrum speech spettacolare sphere spider-man spiral splash spoils spoke spoken sponsored spot spotify spread sprekers spunti squadre square squarespace squeda staand stable staccandosi staff stage stagnate stakeholder stallet standard standing star start start-up startup statement station statistiche statistics stats stay stemning step sterne stewardship sthlm stick stimulating sto stock stoelen stone stop stored stories storm straight straightforward strange strat strategia strategic strategy strategy'- streamed strength stress striking stroll strong structure struggle studiano studied stuff stunning su subcultures subject submitted subscription succes succesfull success sucsess suggest suis suit suivi suivre suivrons sul sultat sum sumer summary sun sunflowers sunnier suosittelee super super-brain superb superficial superseded supertaggers supone supplement suppliers supporting supposed sur surely surprise sustainability swear swedish syllable system t'as t'es t-rex ta ta-donn tablet tackle tactile tagathons taggers tagging tailored takeaway taken taking tales talking tanaan tangible tante tanto tapahtumaa tarmac task tasting tasty tate tatouages tattoos taught taxon te teach team teamworks tech technical techniques technology technos tecnol tecnolog tecnologia teens tel telefoonnummers telekinesie telepathy tells tement template temporaires temporal temporary temps tempting tendances tendencias tendencies tendre tends tener teniamo teniu teoria ter term termine terminology terrific terrifying testing text thai thailand thanks thats theatre theis theme theory therapy theway thick things thinking tho thoroughly thoughts thousands thread thrilled throwing thrown thru thx tica tiene tienen tietoa tijd till tillbaka tiniest tips tiravanija tis title tl toblerone today todo toekomst toevallig together toi toilet told tomando tommorow tomorrow tonight tony tool top topics topsprekers tornaran tornare tornate toronto total totaly totnes touch tour tourism tous tout toward tr trabajar tracking traditions trail train traits transactional transfer transform transformitive transition transmedia transport transversalidad trav travelling tre treasure trends trendvoorspeller tribute trip trivia trouble trough trouver tru true truly trust truth trycka tta tu tuitejarem tulevaisuudesta tumblr tune turbulence turin turing turns tv tweet tweeter twitta twitter twittosphere two-screening types ui uk ulster ultimately un un- una unadulterated unbalancing unbound uncertain uncertaintity uncertainty unconference underestimate underlying understaffed understand understood unemployment unexpected unfinished unfortunately united university univesities unknown unless unlimited unmuseum unnecessary unofficial unstable unstructured untangible unthinkable untouchable unwalled update upgrade upload upthere ur urge urgh uri usa useable used users ushahidi uso usual usuarios ut utilizadas utopian utopias uuuuu va vad vague valid value van vandaag vandaar variable veckan vector veel vehicle veloppement velthoven veltoven vendredi venue ver verdad verder vero verscheen version veulent vi via viable vibe vicariously video video-projection videoconferencing videogame viendra vienna viens view vignette vijfde vilnius virtual virtualtour virtueel vise viser vision visionnaires visit visiteurs visitor vist visual vital vivamente viz vogliamo voice voici voir volg volgen volop volta volunteers voor vorremmo vos vous vraagt vs vvvvery wabi wabisabi wait wake wales walker walkthrough walls walls-let walrus wang wanna wanneer wants warmer warning warrcbing wat watch waters watson wau wauw ways weakness wealth wear weather web weblab website webtv week weer weird welcome well-being wellbeing wereldwijd whilst whoever whole whoop wide widening wider widest widgets wie wife wifi wij wikimedia wikipedia wikipedian wil willem willingness wiltshire winner wins wisdom wish witches wltm woke won wonder wonderbird wooooow words working workshop world worldwide worst worth would've wow writes written wrong wrote xito xxx ya yeah year yep yes yesterday yikes ynniss yo yolo york yorkshire young youtube yr yummy ze zenkiu zero zijn zo zo'n zombie
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