Monday, 17 September 2012

First mouldings from Twitr_janus face mask mould

Various latex experiments with the Twitr_janus face mould...

This is the third moulding and is starting to get there looking OK, but the colour is not quite right
Twitr_janus' face mask #3
This is the second moulding - nice, especially the sawdust reinforcement
twitr_janus face mask
Below was the first attempt. Rather optimistically using latex thickener. Some details were lost, mainly the nose, although the end result was outstanding, but perhaps just outstandingly grotesque. I do like this.
twitr_janus face mask
Model, mould, moulding...

twitr_janus face maskRemoving moulding #2twitr_janus face mask
Removing moulding #2 - looking good
twitr_janus face mask
Detail of using nylon cross-stitch mesh to reinforce the latex
Twitr_janus face mask
Moulding #3. Has an Essex tan
Latex face mask moulding for Twitr_janus
And finally, a time-lapse video of how a moulding is made. Interval is 30 seconds

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