Sunday, 4 February 2018

Root vegetable crisps (not potatoes)

These beauties are deep fried root vegetable crisps. This batch was a test batch for some that would be made at Veggie Dining - a three course feast, cooked by hand by volunteers.

From left to right:

  • carrot
  • beetroot
  • parsnip

Deliciously light and crispy but also surprisingly  melt-in-the-mouthy

Here are the ingredients, just after peeling...

To chop them fine enough you need a fine slicer in a food processor...

I bent this blade slightly in, to make the cut thickness even thinner than it had been.

Carrot: sliced!

Parsnip: sliced

Close ups..

I bedded them down on kitchen paper to suck out some of the wetness.

Same with the beetroot

Then onto the business with my trusty deep fat fryer. I keep this outside to avoid getting fat all over the kitchen ceiling.

Bubble bubble...

Frying was largely judged by

  • sizzling - the slices were fried until the sizzling of water bubbles died down meaning the water had been driven off
  • colour - after the water was driven out, the colour gets darken as the veggie flesh gets caramalised by the hot fat 

The crisps were stirred throughout cooking.

Here are the beetroot ones.


Carrot but this batch was fried for less time, which meant they were lighter in colour


These were dried in a low oven on the kitchen paper to make sure they were dried thoroughly of any water.


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