Wednesday, 17 April 2013

HiveMind FortuneReader reading collective minds on twitter

headHiveMind Fortune Reader sketch Here are draft designs for HiveMind FortuneTeller. There rough, but it's forming into something slowly...

It's not quite the right look, but the general vibe is a creepy head (fortune readers have to look creepy) with a screen to show the data inside the mind.

Twitter mind read in action

This video shows the current visualisation of the mind reading. This is a Processing sketch, that pulls a set of admin parametes from a remote Google spreadsheet, then uses it to form a query upon the Twitter API.

Below is a sceen shot, but the video shows it live

HiveMind FortuneReader screenshot

Concept drawings :)

I'm still working up the design, so thought I'd try a concept drawing as graphic novel to see if that gave me any sideways ideas. This is even rougher!
Hive-mind Fortune-reader as a graphic novel

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