Thursday, 8 March 2012

Adding wooden plugs to the power unit

Cracked wooden casingThe casing for the power supply to the wooden head has cracked. This was pulled apart completely on the crack, and glued back at the same time as gluing the casing onto the power unit transformer.

Gluing wooden casing for mains power plug
Here it is being held temporarily in the vice, while a cramp is attached.

Wooden casing for 5V end power plug
A conical casing for the %v end of the power lead had been turned, which had also cracked. This turned out to be helpful, as it was the easiest way to fit the plug

Cramping wooden casing while gluing

A pair of locking grips was used as a cramp to hold it while the glue set.

Gluing wooden casings onto plugs

Once glued and cramped, they were let to dry

Wooden power plug casingHere is the finished mains end of the plug (face side)

Wooden power plug casing
Here is the business end of the finished mains end of the plug.

The transformer is held in place firmly using hot glue

Wooden power plug casing

And finally the finished end of the 5v plug

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