Friday, 24 June 2011

Making eyeball socket housings

Fabricating eyeball sockets

A prefabricated ball like this deodorant is handy and comes with a matching housing in which to rotate. Unfortunately as I want eventually to use a hand-made eyeball in another material (wood or possibly stone), this means I will most likely need to create a custom housing to match.

Part of this will also most likely be integral to the head that is eventually used.

The eyeball will sit between two plates. The front plate has a round hole with a diameter just slightly narrower than that of the ball.
Prototype automata eye socket housing

The back plate has a square hole to allow a contol rod to move unrestricted in any up/down or left/right combination
Prototype automata eye socket housing
Close up of the housing being glued
Prototype automata eye socket housing
Eyeball housing

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