Friday, 21 June 2013

Schematic flowchart of how Psychic Hive-Mind Fortune Teller is put together.

I have been wondering if describing a daft physical object with lots of words might be making it harder to understand!

So, for all those who like visualisations, here a schematic diagram.

It represents how the Psychic Hive-Mind Fortune Teller works (more or less)!

Psychic Hive-Mind Fortune Teller flowchart

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Test reading from Psychic Hive-Mind Fortune Teller 13 May 2013

This is recording of a pre-conference test fortune reading.

It a test of the randomising fortune teller logic of the Psychic Hive-Mind Fortune Teller automaton.

Recorded in early May 2013, just prior to taking to MuseumNext in Amsterdam, a European museum technology conference (

The psychic mind-reading is being generated from a search of the live twitter data with an API call for search term "museumnext"

The subtitles show what it is speaking. The words in red are being harvested from Tweets in real time. The rest of the words, shown in black, are pre-scripted, but randomised text from the logic engine.

The full text of the tweet is:

Hello rosemarybeetle. 

I hope you are very well and thank you for stopping by.
I have stared deep into the hive mind. 
Here you are. 
Your psychic hive mind fortune, based on reading the collective mind of museumnext is:

It could be that city and no’s
There perhaps are #amsterdam
Find out more about the work done by twitter user @javiercelaya

Thank you.
I have tweeted a psychic summary of this reading to you twitter account.

Move along now
This spoken fortune includes two random terms (city and Nos) a hashtag (#amsterdam) and a user name @javiercelaya

The psychic brain is actually a Twitter app. The account used to register the Twitter app (Rosemarybeetle Labs) also sends a tweet summary with the two random terms, hashtag and username, but also a random URL from the discussion. Although they tweet well, URLs are not included in the full spoken fortune reading, because generally URLs are unintelligible when spoken by text-to-speech engines!

Psychice Hive-Mind test tweet

The URL it picked at random was an Arts and Health South West website news item.

Rather superbly this was about research into participation in museums and the arts and the findings that

"visiting museums is positively associated with higher levels of happiness”

Museums and Happiness: The Value of Participating in Museums and the Arts

This is a lovely example the psychic Fortune Teller demonstrating the the power of social discovery, that randomised connections make (if in a rather weird way!!)

Jonny Soundwave

By the marvels of animated GIFs, here's Jonny Soundwave, the popular cartoon action hero, last seen battling "The Three Popular Music Choices of Oblivion".