Friday, 30 January 2009

Some more characters

Having got an idea of plot, I now have the characters:

Mr Punch
Travelling Salesman

I also found this lovely picture of Mr Punch, an illustration by George Cruikshank from 'Punch and Judy' by John Payne Collier, published in 1828.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

What to Plot?

As well as getting a good idea what sort of characters I want to use, I am also getting a fairly good idea of what the plot will look like.

This isn't hard with Punch and Judy, because the basic idea is a fixed framework. Mr Punch lives in the moment, is irrepressible, does whatever he likes, which is usually whatever is under his nose, and he fancies. There are various trials, obstacles or other irritations that get in the way of a quiet life, and these are usually cause by other people's selfishness getting in the way of his own. An amusing allegory for many people's lives, hence the universal appeal. The good thing about Mr Punch is that when something gets in his way, he just bashes it out of the way, and enjoys the experience.

So the plot will be something along the lines of:

Mr Punch and Judy are at home
Mr Punch is about to enjoy breakfast
Something is preventing this
Mr Punch has to leave to sort it out and is annoyed
Judy is home alone
A trickster calls, and somehow steals the the breakfast, and possibly kidnaps Judy as well
Mr Punch returns and is even more annoyed that his breafast is thwarted
He goes off to look for it
He is attacked by a crocodile,
He fights it off, but it escapes
He is even more annoyed
Eventually he comes accross the trickster
A fight ensues, and he kills the trickster
He stops to eat the breakfast, (and may rescue Judy)
He is interrupted by the crocodile who has smelt the breakfast
A fight ensues, and Mr Punch kills the crocodile
Mr Punch is annoyed again, but at least can eat his breakfast
A policeman arrives, and prevents Mr Punch eating breakfast in a designated non-breakfast-eating area
Mr Punch gets into an argument
The policeman discovers Mr Punch has killed either the crocodile or the trickster or both
He tries to arrest Mr Punch
Mr Punch has had enough.
A fight ensues, and Mr Punch kills the policeman
Mr Punch settles to eat his breakfast, when a scientist/ecologist type official turns up and
is appalled that the crocodile has been killed.
Mr Punch denies any involvement
Scientist realises somehow it was Mr Punch.
A fight ensues, and Mr Punch kills the scientist
Eventually somehow Judy turns up
Mr Punch berates her for laziness, and demands his breakfast
Punch and Judy fight as the curtain closes...

Voila - the plot - it just needs working up!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Characters? - Tricksters or conmen

A character very suited to appear in Punch and Judy is the comman. I like the idea of travelling salemen. This is almost a stock character in itself, although in realtity nowadays, they are perhaps more likely to be collecting for charities than flogging stuff.

The picture has sketches on this theme.

Characters? - Crocodile!

Having been mulling possible plots, there are some characters I would like to have. One is the classic Punch and Judy crocodile.

For more views see:

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Flickr set for Micro Mr Punch

Micro Mr Punch has a Flickr set to contain images about it.

Why Punch and Judy?

I like Punch and Judy because it is a timeless framework to hang ideas off.
It has a great central irrepressible anti-hero, who can do whatever he likes, and generally is unreasonably violent, and completely un-PC. There are themes of little man over authority and battles of the sexes to have fun with. Anything goes - fab!

Also because it has tradition without being precious. It's good to tap into the collective expectation of what happens, but because the format can allow all sorts of variations, liberties and so on, it has loads of freedom within its very familar framework.

Also, I just like it, and I like making stuff!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Why Micro Mr Punch?

Having had my entire set of Punch and Judy papier mache puppets eaten by rats (well not their costumes), I have decided to let their memory live on by creating a set of successors.

This time, although traditional in general Punch and Judy style (i.e. rather rude, gratuitously violent and vulgar), I though I might make them fit on a finger, rather than a glove.

I don't really know why, but I am already wondering how that might make the whole thing different.